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To view a map of Downtown Parking click  here.

Metered Parking- There are about 25-30 spaces directly in front of the building heading West for 2 blocks. Meters range in cost depending on location from as low as 25 cents per 30 minute minimum. The length of time allowed at a parking meter is based on its location. Meters in front of businesses can be as short as 30 minutes while meters on the perimeter of downtown can be as long as 10 hours. We will provide 3 compensation quarters for those choosing to park at a meter.

Safety First- Downtown is routinely patrolled by City of Dayton Police as well as the Downtown Ambassadors. The Ambassadors, easily spotted in their “safety green” shirts in warm weather and blue jackets in inclement weather, provide cleaning and safety services downtown, acting as extra eyes and ears for the police. If they see suspicious behavior, they report it to the police. However, any time you leave your car unattended, take the simple precautions of locking your car and keeping valuables out of sight. Security services in private lots and garages vary.

Parking Garages and Lots- Unfortunately the lots and garages do not allow for business validation. Therefore we cannot provide this at this time. Please know we are always on the lookout though should something become available. Below are some of the less expensive lots  within close proximity. #citylife

1. 125 N Wilkinson St Parking

125 N Wilkinson St

0.12 miles - 3 minute walk

2. 135 N Main St Parking

135 N Main St

0.15 miles - 3 minute walk

3. 1st & Wilkinson

127 W 1st St

0.09 miles - 2 minute walk

4. 13 W First St Garage

13 W First St

0.09 miles - 2 minute walk

5. 123 W 1st St Parking

123 W 1st St

0.07 miles - 2 minute walk

6. Chase Lot

232 N Ludlow St

0.04 miles - 1 minute walk

7. 34 W First St Parking

34 W First St

0.12 miles - 3 minute walk

Wanting to give Back?- The Arts Garage

-is owned and operated by the Victoria Theater Association, so parking

there helps support the art venues used by all of our great Art  Organizations. 


It is located at: 

The northwest corner of Second and Ludlow Streets, is secure and clean, with on-site attendants.  

107 North Ludlow Street (corner of Second and Ludlow Streets) 

2 min (0.3 mi) 

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Meter Parking

Lot and Garage